Above Photography by: Josh Harper

Cinematographer: William Adam Russ

Event: Live Streaming @ Avalon International Airshow


William Adam Russ the owner and director of Right Eye Media Australia has been involved in Photography from a very young age. It has been a passion throughout his life. Studying photography and darkroom techniques through High School and later through The Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) Degree (Photography and Painting Majors)  at La Trobe University in Bendigo in Central Victoria. From there he continued his passion of Photography working in Professional Photographic Lab running C-41 and E-6 dip and dunk development processing tanks. As well as processing and developing Black & White films and prints. He also embraced working with Digital in its infancy and early stages in Mini Labs. He was head Color Printer for 3 years at Kodak Express printing color photos.

During this time William Russ produced wrote, directed, shot and edited a Television Series called Extreme Gravity (the first Extreme Sports show on Australian Television) The show ran for 4 years. During this time he was also production Advisor and camera operator on a Music Show called Speaker Box which also ran for 4 years.


Camera Operator on PONYFACE with Commoner Films

William is the current Secretary of the Victorian branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society (2011- present). William has worked on many courses and workshops providing information to emerging students in the film industry.

William now is a Freelance Camera Operator and Director of Photography on TV Series such as Garage Dreams. He is currently freelancing to Foxtel Arts, Microhire, The Streaming Guys, Long Walk Films, Sodaland Films, Heavy Magazine, Desert Highways and various shoots with Right Eye Media.